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Come and check out our newest location in Laval for all of your healthy home products. We have our entire Electrolux vacuum cleaner line on display as well as our innovative air filtration products and don't forget about our revolutionary product that can wash your clothes without soap.
Aerus Electrolux
3678 Boulevard Saint-Martin O

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<![CDATA[Another Successful Montreal Home Show!]]>Fri, 31 Oct 2014 17:30:06 GMThttp://montrealaerus.com/blog/another-successful-montreal-home-show
After another successful Home Show at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal we want to thank; Sylvie from ExpoPromtion, our staff and all the clients who helped make this show such a success. With the recent closing of the Electrolux plant in L'Assomption it is important for us to attend these shows and explain to our clients how we have no affiliation with Electrolux Sweden and we are now none as "Aerus". We are not going out of business!! To the contrary, we are growing our product line and selling more vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and water filters than ever before!! As for the many customers who bought the little red Electrolux vacuum and told us it is not the same quality as their old Electrolux, make no mistake we want you back as a client and we will offer you up to a $300 trade in on the purchase of a "Aerus Electrolux" vacuum cleaner. 
For anyone building a home, doing renovations or just looking to upgrade some stuff around their home in the Montreal area, I can tell you a dedicated Home Show is where you want to start looking. First off there is so many wonderful products (no just vacuum cleaners) but windows, flooring, roofs, pools, saunas to name a few, but also there are so many knowledgeable business owners, sales associates and customer representatives on hand that you can get a new perspective on any type of project or item you may want to buy for your home. 
For myself, I am always anxious to go see what the competitors are offering not only in terms of pricing but also new products and services being offered. By understanding our competition we strive to offer the best value in terms of both services rendered and products on offer. With our dedicated "Healthy Home Product Line" our clients can easily see that not only our vacuum cleaners, but our air purifiers, water purifiers and  our newest healthy home product the Laundry Pro are truly best in class innovative products that will make us the clear market leader in the "Healthy Home" category for years to come. 
A little note on the Laundry Pro: It's always amazing to see someones reaction to our claim of laundry without soap! No one believes it, but it's true... It's not surprising the same company that entered the air purification space 10 years ago, when no one really believed air purifiers would work has thought up such a innovative product! When I say I personally have not used soap to clean my clothes for the last 9 months I still have a hard time believing it, but it's true. If you want to understand how it works take a look at this video
We are excited for February 5th when we will back at the BIG O "Booth 212" to showcase our healthy home product line once again. Until then you can come visit us at any of our locations and see what montrealaerus.com has to offer.
<![CDATA[Bottled water in the heat. Do not Drink!!]]>Wed, 24 Sep 2014 17:56:15 GMThttp://montrealaerus.com/blog/bottled-water-in-the-heat-do-not-drinkThis is a excellent article I pulled off of Yahoo health today. I have had many people ask me about the dangers of drinking water from a bottle that's been sitting in their car all day, I hope this makes you think twice. My advice remains stop drinking bottled water, if you drink it because it's the taste you can't live without invest in a water purifier. ]]><![CDATA[Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for you. Should I buy a canister, upright or central vacuum? A look at the Montreal market and living space. Part 2 the canister vacuum]]>Thu, 14 Aug 2014 19:18:29 GMThttp://montrealaerus.com/blog/choosing-the-right-vacuum-cleaner-for-you-should-i-buy-a-canister-upright-or-central-vacuum-a-look-at-the-montreal-market-and-living-space-part-2-the-canister-vacuumPicture
Canister: This is the second most popular style of vacuum cleaner after the upright model, but it is quickly gaining market share for many reasons. First I would like to state that my personal preference towards the Upright or Canister style vacuum clearly lands in with the canister machine. This being said there are certain customers I have that have tried the canister style machine and quickly return back to their beloved upright. However, the versatility of a canister machine along with the strong suction (our guardian platinum model offers 535 air watts which is similar to a central vacuum on wheels) makes the canister style my preferred cleaning tool for homes in the 21st century.

-Very versatile unit with attachments on board the machine (from carpet to floor with a quick change of attachment)
-Picks up well on carpets and hard surfaces (offers more suction power than upright)
-Lightweight on the hand as you are only holding a hose.
-Fits perfectly on the stairs.

-Takes up more storage space than a Upright.
-More likely to have repairs to the body of the unit as the machine follows you.

- Any type of home or condo with different surfaces (carpets, granite, marble, tile, linoleum to name a few).
- Homes with several floors as the machine is lightweight and is perfect for stairs.
- People who want the best suction power and best cleaning results.

- I would personally recommend the canister vacuum cleaner for all home types (Condos, apartments, cottages, ranch style split level and even commercial use) we sell canister models too many leading hotel chains including the Fairmount, Sheraton, Hilton and Holiday Inn hotel groups in the Montreal area.

My Opinion
As I stated earlier when it comes to what I think is the better vacuum cleaner for your home the canister model is the clear winner. Yes I must say they do tend to break a little more often than the upright models, but due to the versatility and how much more suction power there is in a canister I have a hard time advising my clients to go with a upright over a canister. Considering that Electrolux or Aerus as we are now known has been manufacturing a American made canister vacuum cleaner for over 90 years there is no wonder why I think the canister is the best bang for your buck. If you are in the market for a new canister vacuum cleaner you owe it to yourself to see what all the different options are.  At montrealaerus.com we actually offer a free in home demonstration, which lets you see just how the vacuum cleaner will work in your home. Take one of our canister models for a test drive I guaranty you will not be disappointed.

<![CDATA[Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for you. Should I buy a canister, upright or central vacuum? A look at the Montreal market and living space. Part 1 The Upright Vacuum. ]]>Wed, 13 Aug 2014 19:22:25 GMThttp://montrealaerus.com/blog/choosing-the-right-vacuum-cleaner-for-you-should-i-buy-a-canister-upright-or-central-vacuum-a-look-at-the-montreal-market-and-living-space-part-1-the-upright-vacuumBefore choosing the brand of vacuum to buy one should first choose the style of vacuum cleaner that best suits their needs. Often times people will just buy the same style of vacuum cleaner as they had prior to their new one. I would personally advise all my clients to try each one out and then choose the vacuum which is best for them. There are many advantages and disadvantages to each type of cleaner and what works for someone can easily not work for someone else. Picture
This is the most popular style of vacuum cleaner in the United States, however it has been steadily been losing market share to the more versatile cannister style unit. I would recommend this unit for a 1 storey home (ranch style) or an apartment. It is the easiest of all the vacuum cleaners to use, just plug in the machine and you're ready to go. Saying that, it certainly is not the most versatile unit and can be cumbersome to move around furniture. The motor also loses suction as there is 2 suction ports 1(at the bottom of the machine which can not be closed (where the brush is, and 1 where the attachments are. 

- Easy to use. (plug in and vacuum)
- Picks up well on carpets.
- Takes up little Storage Space.
- Not as versatile as other vacuum styles.
- Works better on carpets than on solid surfaces.
- Cumbersome and Heavy. (especially on the stairs)

- A home or condo with only 1 floor, with heavily carpeted cleaning surfaces.
- Commercial use as less attachments mean less things to break. 
- No nonsense cleaning with little repairs.
- A multi storey home (as it’s heavy to bring up and down stairs, and clean carpets on the staircase)
- Someone who constantly uses attachments (the quality of these attachments are always worst, and the air-watts from the motor suffers from having 2 suction ports)
- Someone who has mostly hard flooring surfaces.

My Opinion
I would say that the Upright Vacuum cleaner is probably my least favorite of the vacuum models. I feel that it’s negatives certainly outweigh its benefits especially with more and more people changing their carpets to hard surfaces. There is a reason why the Upright model has been losing market share to the canister style in the United States this past decade and in my opinion it has lot’s to do with how the canister machine is much more versatile.

Up next the Canister vacuum...
<![CDATA[3 Tips to unclog your Aerus Electrolux vacuum hose and repair your vacuum cleaner at home. Pictures to help you through the process.]]>Thu, 07 Aug 2014 19:11:34 GMThttp://montrealaerus.com/blog/3-tips-to-unclog-your-aerus-electrolux-vacuum-hose-and-repair-your-vacuum-cleaner-at-home-pictures-to-help-you-through-the-processIf you are experiencing a hose blockage, it may be quite easy for you to fix this problem, here are 3 tips to unclog your hose. 

Tip 1: If you have a Electrolux vacuum cleaner on the back of it where the filter is located is the exhaust of the motor. Often times if it is just dust that is blocking the hose this will work perfectly. Simply take the hose and put it where the filter usually goes. Now take the handle of the hose and face it inside the vacuum where the hose usually attaches (you don't dust flying in the air) turn the vacuum on and see if the hose becomes unblocked.
Tip 2: If tip 1 does not work, than you will likely need to take off the hose handle, grab a screwdriver and remove the handle. Once the handle is off repeat Tip # 1.  The hose should be unblocked.
Tip 3: If the first 2 methods did not work and you have removed the handle from the hose, grab a broomstick and slide it through the hose. If the blockage is near the end grab some pliers and pull it out. If the blockage is in the middle push the broomstick with a little force, if there is no movement STOP.

At this point you may need our help. Call us and we would be happy to assist. Also if you are not the kind of person who likes to do stuff like this on your own just call us and we will fix your problem in 24 hours or less. We offer our services to the entire Montreal area and it surroundings.
<![CDATA[Vacuum Repairs. Are they worth it? Or Should I buy a new one? If you live in the Montreal area get a free vacuum repair quote first.]]>Mon, 04 Aug 2014 15:02:55 GMThttp://montrealaerus.com/blog/vacuum-repairs-are-they-worth-it-or-should-i-buy-a-new-one-if-you-live-in-the-montreal-area-get-a-free-vacuum-repair-quote-firstThe way vacuum cleaners are made today no wonder over 2 million vacuums were sold in the United States last year. With price being the number 1 sale point over quality, lots of people decide to throw away their vacuum instead of repairing it. I would agree on this principle if you are going around spending $150 on the newest Shark or Bissel, as this product will often be more expensive to repair than to buy a new one, however as soon as you enter the world of a $300 vacuum (Kenmore, Panasonic or even Dyson) repairing your vacuum cleaner should always be looked at as a first option over purchasing a new one. When you purchase anything over $600 I would strongly advise you to look into how easy it is to find repair pieces for the make and model of your vacuum and look into how long the company's vacuum you are purchasing has been in business.
Quick fixes.
Often times customers have problems with their vacuums and they can be easily fixed. For example the brush on the carpet beater is no longer turning, many people will just throw the vacuum in the garbage and go buy a new one. This practice is exactly what the vacuum cleaner manufacturers want you to do and is the reason why many companies use simple rubber belts without geared teeth (these brushes often just slip off or snap in half) what many people don’t realize is these belts can be easily replaced for under $20.00 with labor included. Other common problems include wiring on hoses or in handles of vacuum cleaners as well as improper bag usage and poor maintenance procedures on the part of the consumer. All of these can be easily fixed and often times require professional maintenance over expensive parts.
How to get a free vacuum repair quotation?
Just 20 years ago you would call up a local vacuum shop and they would be more than happy to have someone come to your house and give you a free quotation to fix your vacuum. However, as vacuum cleaner sales have become most prevalent in big box stores and not small locally owned independent shops, many of these smaller shops have had to close their doors, or have become 1 to 2 people operations in which they stay in their store, and can not leave because of potentially lost revenues. This is not the case with Aerus Electrolux Montreal or www.montrealerus.com, where they still believe that quality care and service of their customers come first. They offer free pick up and consultation on any Aerus Electrolux vacuum cleaner products, and as a promotion for their 90th anniversary are extending this service on all other vacuum cleaner makes and models.

So if you have a broken vacuum (central vacuum, canister vacuum or upright) just pick up the phone and give them a call (514-489-9353) Montreal and the East End or (514-426-4466) West Island and Laval. They will be at your place within 24 hours and offer you a free consultation. If you would rather bring your broken vacuum cleaner in for repair you can do so at 1 of their locations. The only advice I can give you is to bring in the entire vacuum and not just the piece that is broken as often times a loose wire inside the machine or on the hose can be causing problems elsewhere on the vacuum.

<![CDATA[Electrolux some comments on our company heritage and why we are now known as Aerus.]]>Thu, 17 Jul 2014 20:00:49 GMThttp://montrealaerus.com/blog/electrolux-some-comments-on-our-company-heritage-and-why-we-are-now-known-as-aerusOver the past couple of months we have received several phone calls from customers who are concerned they will no longer be able to find aftermarket products for their vacuums  air purifiers or water purifiers. This confusion has been due to the impending Electrolux manufacturing closure in L'Assomption. This plant is property of Electrolux Sweeden and is only responsible for the manufacturing of fridges and stoves and has nothing to do with us here at www.montrealaerus.com. We have been manufacturing our products in the United States since the 1920's and plan on continuing to do so.

It is important to note that we are not associated with Electrolux Corporation, but  with Aerus. I think our website illustrates this difference b
est, "Formerly known as Electrolux and manufacturer of Electrolux Vacuums from 1924-2003, Aerus remains committed to providing products and services that enhance the wellness and comfort of its customers and their families. Our best in class products include a Gold Seal certified direct flow reverse osmosis water purification system, an Energy Star certified air purifier with HEPA filtration, a true HEPA, sealed vacuum cleaner system and EPA approved, safe & effective formulas for allergy and odor control."

Over the past decade we have also had many customers purchase Electrolux vacuum cleaners at certain retailers across the city, and we would like to inform you that these machines are certainly not the ones your grandparents had. If you are looking for the quality and superiority of a "Electrolux" vacuum cleaner that was manufactured anytime before 2003 than you need to look at the Aerus brand. This plant is currently our operating and manufacturing facility. 
We still offer free in home demos and free in home service for any past customers. If you are looking to replace your old Electrolux it is now known as Aerus, here is a current model which probably looks much like your older model. As a side note 2014 is actually our 90th Anniversary. 
As a family business with over 40 years experience and thousands of satisfied clients we are very proud about our manufacturing history, and we only want to continue selling the best quality products to our clients.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
<![CDATA[Spring has arrived!! It's time for spring cleaning. How to best vacuum your home, using the attachments properly.]]>Tue, 22 Apr 2014 15:43:09 GMThttp://montrealaerus.com/blog/spring-has-arrived-its-time-for-spring-cleaning-how-to-best-vacuum-your-home-using-the-attachments-properlySo it has been a long cold winter here in Montreal, and I am confident to say that spring has finally sprung. I have been holding off posting this series of articles to the blog as every time I have thought about posting it's either below zero or I can see snow flakes from my office desk. But now that winter finally looks over, I will share my spring cleaning tips on how to best use your vacuum cleaner. Here in Montreal we have quite the winter, and lots of salt is poured onto our streets causing some very dirty carpets and homes. I can not tell you how many times I see a 15 to 20 year old vacuum and the attachments are brand new because they are not being used! Often times it's because people have not been properly explained how to use each piece. So here is a rundown on how to use each piece for your vacuum cleaner.

Before I begin, I would suggest you take a look at Martha Stewart's printable checklist for a comprehensive list of spring cleaning tips.
Power Nozzle:  The carpets especially at your entrance are one of the first things you want to give a deep cleaning. May I suggest passing the power nozzle more thoroughly on the carpets (usually brushing backwards is best for deep cleaning). Make sure the brush roll in your vacuum is made of wood and not plastic or metal as these materials tend to create static when agitating carpet materials.

Crevice Tool: Another tip I can offer is to make sure you use the crevice tool. This is the piece that is long and narrow. Use this attachment to clean all the crevices in your home. With all the rocks and sand that come into our homes dust buildup in the corners in inevitable and undesirable. 

Round-brush: One of the most important pieces on the vacuum cleaner to use. This round-brush can do 2 jobs. On the side with the bristles you can do all your dusting, and you no longer need to use aerosols like Pledge in your home (very important for people with breathing difficulties). Flip it over and now you can vacuum your drapes and other linen materials, as well as sofas and chairs.

Floor-brush: With more and more homes choosing hard floor surfaces over carpets these days, this is a very important piece. This will clean all hard floor surfaces (do not use this piece on carpets!!). Make sure you choose a brush that has teeth in the front, the spacing allows dust to be suctioned off into the bag. Also look for a brush that has a bumper so you do not scratch furniture, walls or other items in your home. A good piece of advice is to invest in a high quality floor-brush as this is the piece most often used.

Sidekick (Optional): This is not a attachment that comes with most vacuum cleaners. This little mini motorized power nozzle is best used to clean furniture. Use this piece to rid your home of the second leading cause of allergies (Dust mite Feces). Also will remove dead skin and bed bugs. This is the perfect piece to use for your spring cleaning as mattresses should be vacuumed ever 3-6 months. 
If you thoroughly vacuum your home using all of these pieces properly I am certain your home will be on the right path to being as clean and healthy as possible. For people with allergies and asthma I would certainly suggest purchasing a vacuum with True Hepa filtration. Perhaps, I can recommend the Guardian Platinum from Aerus, or even a Central vacuum as dust is siphoned off to a canister often located in a garage or furnace room.

I'll be back later this week on cleaning tips to clean the air inside of your home. Happy Spring Cleaning. 
<![CDATA[Laundry Pro. Our newest Healthy home Product (Laundtry without soap)]]>Thu, 10 Apr 2014 17:14:22 GMThttp://montrealaerus.com/blog/laundry-pro-our-newest-healthy-home-product-laundtry-without-soapSo I have been using my Laundry Pro for 4 months now, and I must tell you I have really enjoyed not buying laundry detergent at the store. I have seen no difference in the way my clothes look, and I can tell you that there is no static when I remove my clothes from the dryer. I have posted 2 videos here showing you just how the Laundry Pro works.  

The first video is directly from Aerus and explains the process in which ActivePure technology works. If you want to find out more information on the product you can take a look here.
The second video is from Fox News, and I am hoping this can add a little bit of assurance to any hesitation you may have.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to answer any questions. Leave a comment in the message board.