A Water Conditioner Can Solve Your Hard Water Problem

Learn about the whole house water conditioners we sell in Montreal and Quebec. We are based in Westmount and Pierrefonds, QC.

Did you know that hard water can make cleaning difficult and reduce the service life of your appliances? Hard water can be found in many homes in Westmount and Pierrefonds, QC, but not in homes with Aerus water conditioners.

Our whole-home water conditioners are designed to help reduce...

Residue on your plates and sinks
Mineral build-up in your pipes
Electricity use

These systems even deliver better-tasting drinking water straight from your tap. Contact us today to learn more about our water conditioners.

High concentrations of minerals in hard water can irritate your skin, but water conditioners can reduce or eliminate these contaminants. We can recommend a water conditioner that fits your budget and needs.

Get in touch with our team in Westmount or Pierrefonds, QC today.