The Healthy Home Experts

Since 1924 we have been manufacturing and selling the best vacuum cleaners in North America under the name Electrolux. Today we not only continue our tradition selling and servicing the best vacuum cleaners, but we now offer a full line of Healthy Home Products. With Air Purifiers that are certified True HEPA and considered as Class II Medical Devices and Water Filters (Reverse Osmosis and UF filtration) approved by the Water Quality Association, Aerus Montreal offers you a complete line of Healthy Home Products. If you truly are interested in protecting the health of your family come and visit the Healthy Home Experts at Aerus today. Since 1976, Massimo Brunetti and his sales representatives have sold thousands of vacuum cleaners, central vacuum cleaners HEPA air purifiers, and water filters under the name Electrolux, many of which are still in use today. A true family business, Aerus Montreal offers you free service to your door and repairs all types of vacuum cleaners.