Wish You Could Enjoy Clean Drinking Water From Your Tap?

You can when you get an Aerus water filtration system in Montreal. We are based in Westmount and Pierrefonds, QC and we serve all of Montreal and Quebec.

Contaminants like disinfectants and chemicals can sneak into your drinking water even after municipal water filtration systems have cleaned it. Aerus water filtration systems can eliminate these contaminants, so you can enjoy cleaner and better-tasting water from your tap.

Our whole-home water filtration systems are perfect for...

Homes with well water
Households with kids and pets
People concerned about their wellness

Contact our team in Westmount or Pierrefonds, QC today to discuss your water quality needs.

We offer customized water quality solutions for any budget in Westmount and Pierrefonds, QC. Let us know if you're dealing with...

  • Hard water
  • Dirty or sandy water
  • Frequent power outages

We can recommend a water filtration system that's right for you. Reach out to our team today.